COVID Vaccine - my current views

covid-19 Jan 27, 2021

COVID vaccine

Vaccinations are underway in the United States, and other countries all over the world, using vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

My clients, friends, and social media followers have been asking me how I feel about the vaccine.  The vaccine, like many many other recent happenings, has become another controversial hot topic.  I usually prefer to avoid dwelling on such topics, so I'll keep this answer brief.

*I am not a doctor and medical decisions are best made with the advice of a healthcare professional who you trust.  

Below are just my personal and current opinions - which may or may not change with time.

1. I really hope and pray that the vaccine is effective and safe, without any significant side effects.  This is personal and I deeply care about this.  A lot of our family members (from both my and my husband's side) are healthcare workers who have received the vaccine.

2. I honestly have concerns about the safety of the vaccine.  Perhaps I have watched too many "if you have been injured by the drug _____(insert name of drug) in 1998, you need a lawyer" commercials back in my TV days (I don't watch TV anymore).  

3. People who choose to get vaccinated now, should be able to do so in a timely, non-complicated manner.  

4. People who choose not to, should not be forced to.  

4. I think we need to stop judging others for whatever choice they make.  Wish everyone well, focus on yourself.

5. At this time, I choose not to get the vaccine.  

Have a question on ANY topic you want me to address?  Email me, FB message me, leave a comment on the blog...just ask.  I may not reply to you directly, as I received so many emails every day and I reserve the time for direct timely communication with my clients.  But I do read and welcome all of your messages and will include the answer or the info, relevant exercises, or resources within future newsletters. 

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