Issue #43 - This made me cry + my past

Psychology, spirituality, health and fitness trends, and productivity studies, as well as, my own life experiences inspire this newsletter.  Every week I discuss self-care, personal productivity, business, mindset, relationships, creativity, and how to balance busy home life.  

Welcome to issue #43 of {Upgrade with Nelly}

1. Inspiration 

Some people actively search for inspiration by looking to the gurus, the experts, the masters, and the influencers.  They watch YouTube videos and TedTalks, read blog articles (like this one), and buy many many books.  Will these inspire you?  Yes!  If you are open.  Do you know what else works? Simply being present with people, observing your environment, and noticing your feelings.

Here is how I have been allowing inspiration into my life this month:

- A friend called to say hi while she was taking a speed walk around the park.  I had not yet taken my afternoon walk that day and had an infinite...

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Issue #42

Hi beautiful, 

I went for a walk by the beach today.  This year has been so unpredictable.

We all say we like surprises, but that of course is a lie!
We like surprises when it's things that we want.
Nobody likes surprises we don't want.

Nearly Summer-like weather in November, for me, has been a pleasant surprise.  

Can you think back to some pleasant surprises you recently enjoyed in your life?

Welcome to issue #42 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

In this newsletter I discuss self-care, personal productivity, business, positive mindset, and how to balance busy home life. 

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1. Weekly Check-Ins

Ok ladies.  Let's do this!

It's honesty time!

I'm feeling nervous because I know that I did not dedicate enough time and effort to my new commitments. 

However, this is exactly why we do these weekly check-ins!  It's not only to check things off the list and to feel great about ourselves.  I've done...

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Issue #41

 Happy Tuesday. 

It's Election Day here in the US.  
I voted (last week). 
I said a prayer (this afternoon).
And then I made a decision to turn off the news, the social media, and the WhatsApp notifications.  

I made a choice to focus on those things I DO have control over.  Things like eating a healthy meal, calling my mom, and setting new goals.

It is so easy to put life on hold until "after the election", or "after the pandemic is over", or "after I get a better job""after the weather gets warmer", "after I lose weight" or until after something else happens.

I've decided not to put my life on hold.
I will keep pursuing my dreams, working on my goals, reflecting on what works well in my life, and what needs an upgrade, on continuous improvement + learning.  Let's do this.

This is issue #41 of {Upgrade with Nelly}  

In this newsletter, I discuss self-care, personal productivity, business, mindset during the COVID-era, and how to balance...

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Upgrade with Nelly #38

I enjoyed the most delicious breakfast - overnight oats with cocoa cream - and a cup of coffee with coconut creamer.  I'm feeling good.  Life is good.

Isn't it funny how a good meal or a delicious snack can alter our whole perception of life - even if only for a moment?

It's not only good food, but also kind and encouraging words from others, a hot shower, a nap, an inspiring idea, music, moving our bodies... that can change how we feel, and thus how we express ourselves through our speech and actions.

These will not change our reality - but what is our reality really?  In a way, isn't our reality equal to our perception of the world?  

So regardless of how amazing or how horrible your week is going, remember that you deserve an upgrade.  Small actions can bring about big results.  The shortlist above can help you get started.

This is issue #38 of Upgrade with Nelly. 
Happy Tuesday.

In this newsletter, I discuss self-care, personal...

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Upgrade Your Life

No matter how meaningful, exciting, and fulfilling - OR - how depressing, stressful, and exhausting your life situation currentlyis - you can upgrade your life today.


Regardless of what is happening in your life right now - it can get better...and better and better and better...

This is what it means to upgrade your life.  To move it on to the next level.


The best thing about life upgrades is that every single woman can take some small action, right now, that is completely within her control, and does not depend on anyone else - and can see immediate positive results!


We all have been preached to about "life transformations".


With books, TV show episodes, magazine articles, and blog posts with titles such as
"7 steps to a complete transformation", "14 days to transform your life", and "how to transform your entire life and the world" the desired goal may appear far off in the distance.


A transformation feels overwhelming, like I have to...

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